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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Rev. Kevin Lee (Spiritual Medium) is the Senior Minister of the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida which is located in Fort Lauderdale Florida and is one of 15 such churches across the U.S. within the United Metaphysical Churches denomination. His Center of Light has been promoting metaphysics, spiritualism, and afterlife topics for over 40 yrs now while serving its community by bringing in professional metaphysical speakers, mediums and healers from around the planet to demonstrate their Gifts of Spirit and Higher Truth Teachings. In addition to being a dual certified Nurse Anesthetist and Nurse Practitioner by profession, he has now begun dedicating his time to researching and sharing the metaphysical truths of the “Continuity of Life after the change called death”; of spirit communication and its various paranormal expressions; along with helping others to unfold their innate “Gifts of Spirit” as spoken of in all world religions. An avid reader and experiencer, Rev. Lee has travelled extensively to witness both traditional and exotic forms of Mediumship and Healing. In 2014, he began presenting his ground breaking research into historical and modern day Precipitation Mediumship and Spirit Writing as rare forms of spirit communication.


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