New Developments

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Firstly, I welcome you all to the ASSMPI and I am sure that as some of the first professional members, you will all be involved in the growth and success of an organization that is a ship and the captain at the help is Spirt (At Last). However, it takes more than spirit to make the ASSMPI the success that we can be. It takes professionals with the skills to help drive the ship and that means all of you. Thank you for being a part of something quite amazing and something that will not be able to be repeated at the level it is being done on now.

The first thing that you will all note with the new membership pages is the addition of several new services;

  • You now have your own message center
  • You now have the abilty to have your own fully functional website
  • You can chat with other members online live and secure
  • There are now groups and forums that you can take part in and are totally secure.

I will be bringing so much more to the table shortly and you will see the many developments over the coming month. Feel free to use the message system and start the chats in our groups.

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