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Nottinghamshire, UK
Barrie John is a Multi Award Winning Psychic TV Medium, Presenter, Broadcaster, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator and Columnist. He regularly appears at Psychic Spiritual and Paranormal events both Nationally and Internationally. He regularly has published articles in the top spiritual magazines and national press. Since being a small child Barrie has been working with and exploring his psychic abilities and his knowledge and experience covers all areas of the Paranormal world. He has worked on the Spiritualist National Union Education board, and hosted many workshops to support clients psychic development. Barrie has extensive experience of working within the public eye through International Television and Radio. Barrie is a professional toastmaster and an accomplished public speaker, Barrie is often invited as a guest amusing others with his spooky experiences. In 2008 Barrie appeared on Living TV’S “MOST HAUNTED” and since has appeared on regular slots with the BBC, ITV’s “THIS MORNING” and Channel 5 (LIVE WITH GABBY and THE WRIGHT STUFF). Barrie was a good friend of the late Rev Colin Fry and supported him on his 2015/2016 Sixth Sense UK Tour. Over the years Barrie has hosted and been the guest medium for around 4,000 Ghost Hunts , and is still working hard to ensure that the guests enjoy the events which are filled with humour and proof of life after death. Barrie has hosted private events, private readings, sceances and workshops.


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