Board Members

ASSMPI Board / President
Location: USA

Jock Brocas is a renowned spiritual Author of several books and is also one of the founders of the Assmpi. Jock is a certified medium, both mental and Trance and has dedicated his later years to his own spiritual development and the professional...

ASSMPI Board / Energy Healing / Research
Location: USA

Joanne Brocas is a best-selling author and certified medium. Joanne’s healing work and research has been supported and honored by many professional doctors and her work has been touted as a necessary resource for all who would venture into energy healing. Joanne is passionate about healing and...

Board Member, Physical Medium, Researcher
Location: Germany

Kai Muegge is one of the founding members of the ASSMPI and is also a research medium dedicated to Physical Mediumship and applied Science. Kai is a certified physical medium who demonstrates physical phenomena and has been one of the most scientifically tested physical mediums to date.

Location: USA

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D., the author of ‘Your Eternal Self’, he co-authored ‘Induced After-Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma’ with Dr. Allan Botkin (Hampton Roads 2005), co-authored the ‘Personal Styles Inventory,’ wrote two books on business writing, co-authored a...

ASSMPI Secretary
Location: USA
Board Member
Location: Spain

Psychic Researcher Robin Foy has specialised in investigating Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena in depth for 37 years now. He and his wife Sandra are recognised as two of the most knowledgeable people in the world regarding this specialised subject.
Over the years, they have sat...

Location: USA

After unexpectedly losing his son Brandon, Mark Ireland began his research on the after-life. He is now a sought after speaker on TV & radio as well as an author of three amazing books. His journey has led him to help many people  grieving the death of a loved one.

Board Member
Location: USA

Eben was also one of the first Board Members of the ASSMPI and that was before his major successes that he had. We are trying to confirm his status now.

ASSMPI / Spiritualist Medium
Location: Worldwide

Passed to the otherside, but not gone

International Spiritualist Medium Colin Fry
Colin needs no introduction as his work speaks volumes throughout the world. Colin is a renowned author and world renowned medium who has appeared internationally on Tv, Radio,...

Membership Director and Director of Australian Operations
Location: Australia

Tracie Delysia Wolter is a highly-respected Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medium and Author.

Director of Communications

Susan Tiemann ‘talks to dead people’ and has since the mid-seventies. Because of the stigma attached to mediumistic tendencies at the time, she treated her communications as personal, private, and quite a normal part of her day, seeking guidance and learning from the afterlife as she pursued her...